​​​​Ability Enhancement & Special Education Services

Blessed Angels 

Responsibilities of our Ability Enhancement Experts

  1. Recognize the needs of the child and the parents.
  2. Understand and map out the child’s skills and knowledge.
  3. Create solution centered Individual Ability Enhancement Plans (IAEP).
  4. Plan and discuss short term and long term goals with the parents and the child.
  5. Monitor child’s progress and provide constant review and feedback to the parents.
  6. Build a network of and liaise with other concerned professionals and parents.

Children with different learning needs demand a different approach to discipline. Our focus is then to understand what the problem behaviour really means, and find ways to modify them by concentrating more on their strengths. Our ability enhancement programs have been strategically designed for children with special learning needs, keeping various behavioural patterns and parameters in mind. Often children with learning difficulties are not motivated to learn, particularly if they have been made to feel inadequate or have experienced failure. The faculty at Blessed Angels strive to help students maintain their capability to function in the world. Teachers work in close association with children and parents to enhance existing skills and knowledge and improve fluency so that functional capabilities may be generalized into different settings. They come up with innovative ways to build your child’s self-esteem and belief in the possibility of success.

Our ability enhancement programmes includes 

  • ​Text-to-speech assistive tools
  • ​Picture dictionary graphics
  • ​Text magnification
  • ​​Vocational courses to bring them to mainstream society

These programs will not only enhance your child’s current skill set, but will also make them capable of earning a basic living in the society.

Ability Enhancement