​​​​Ability Enhancement & Special Education Services

Blessed Angels​​ 

To make this intervention a success, our teachers ;

  1. Encourage the child to take responsibility for his/her boredom.

  2. Identify strategies that will help meet his/her individual goals.

  3. Provide measurable goals, structure, and scaffolding.

  4. Teach the child to compensate for his/her problems with concentration, time management, and attention.

  5. Formulate Individualized Education Program (IEP) for the child and implement it.

  6. Structure, scaffold, and model strategies they can use to overcome their difficulties.


ADHD stands for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Rather than thinking of these children as having a "disorder" or "disability," we approach them as having poor strategy.Children with ADHD have a chemical balance in their brains that is different from the chemical balance in the brains of their peers. Being sensitive to their needs, our teachers will be providing relevant academic structure and reinforcements that will be understood by these children and which is required for the important executive functioning skills that impact children with ADHD. We use these interventions to change the brain chemistry and help our children fill their toolbox with effective strategies.