Blessed Angels​​ 


Success of teaching autistic students lies in the passion and dedication with a blend of compassion, patience and understanding for teaching special children. At Blessed Angels, we work on the social skills, language development, emotional development, or physical coordination of our children with autism, preparing them for life beyond the four walls of a room.

To make this intervention a success, our teachers, 

  1. ​​Design easy, low-budget, and innovative strategies that are beneficial for our students.
  2. ​Adopt techniques to help them increase social skills, nurture their cognitive skills, work with sensory sensitivities & counter meltdown.
  3. Teach the child to compensate for his/her weaknesses and maximize their strengths.
  4. Help the child make the most of a disorganized and changing world.
  5. Help children nurture their cognitive gifts and turn them into powerful classroom tools.
  6. Innovate smart strategies to help the child redirect violent or dangerous fixations.
  7. Help the child practice normal conversations and interactions, improving their language reciprocity through preparation.
  8. Help the child overpower his/her obstacles and succeed in communicating just a little bit more every day.

 ​​​​Ability Enhancement & Special Education Services