Blessed Angels 

Behaviour Modification

Since some children think and behave in ways different from their counterparts, it is very important to ensure that the developmental activities strategized for them is carried out in a natural and comfortable environment, for example at their home or at school or areas they share an empathy with so that they open up. Blessed Angels Counsellors and Psychologists work closely with educators, caretakers and parents to identify your child’s behavioural approach in this given environment. After understanding the concerns faced by the child, we use behaviour modification techniques to systematically shape your child's behaviour by creating case replicas where certain behaviours are modified. We ensure that the same techniques are passed on to the care takers and parents, because they spend most of the time with the child. This process makes it easy for child to assess his behaviour in a conducive environment thus making him real world ready.

Responsibilities of our behaviour modification professional:

  1. ​Recognize the needs of the children and the parents.
  2. Creating a tailor made Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP) with the help of psychological assessments.
  3. Plan realistic short term and long term goals and discuss them with the parents and the child.
  4. Implement behaviour modification techniques.
  5. Explain and train parents to apply Behaviour Modification techniques.
  6. Monitor and record child’s progress periodically.
  7. Keep the parents apprised about daily activities both in class and at home.
  8. Build a network of and liaise with other concerned professionals and parents.

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