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February 16, 2017     I      Written By Blessed Angels

These profound lines have the ability to strike a chord in everyone’s hearts.  Children are definitely a gift from God.  They bring happiness and joy to the entire household with their laughter and open joy. Each child is born with a special gift, special talents, and special abilities. While some perceive the world in a particular manner, there are few who are blessed with a different versatility.  Initially these children and parents find it difficult to come to terms with these specialties. Though your child is a special gift from God, it is not easy as a parent, to handle the special responsibilities that come along. 

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A Ray of Hope - Shadow Teaching

Special children are born with certain learning and behavioral infirmities which would make it seem that they would not be able to become independent of their parents or close ones for their lifetime. But it is not so! Being a special child’s parent, although not an easy task, is not difficult either, if the correct set-up is provided.

For that, we have to first understand the current scenario. We have to be rational and realistic in order to achieve a positive result. And here, the positive result would be achieved by increasing our understanding of what could be best for children with different learning abilities.

Special needs children require a different set-up to thrive in. It is common knowledge that, almost no school takes in special children. Even if a parent, due to lack of awareness, manages to get admissions in a particular school, it becomes very difficult for the child to cope up with the other children. What is worse is that, the child is also isolated and seen by the other young children as someone who is ‘different’ or ‘odd’. This leads to the child becoming withdrawn, moody, sad or aggressive, unruly and rebellious.

Special children may face many issues like slow learning, not able to speak properly, lack of physical development and so on. Also referred to as Dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, and Autism in medical parlance.  Being a parent, you always want to be for them, in their tough times, but it is far away from the reality. Exposure and knowledge about these issues have become widespread and parents and guardians are waking up to the fact of there being an alternate system of education for their precious kids. This  are Institutes and Schools which are helping parents overcome these challenges by providing solutions that would benefit their child and help him/her to be independent in the long run. These entities cater exclusively to special needs children and provide various special education solutions for their growth and development.  One such concept is shadow teaching.

Shadow Teaching - Understanding of this concept

Now to understand this concept and how your child will benefit from it.

Shadow teaching as the name suggests, is an assistance that a shadow teacher would provide to the child with special learning requirements.  It is a progressive form of assistance and acts as an in-between or a resource for the school-child-parent. The focus of a shadow teacher is to understand the learning structure and requirement of the child and then support the child in an inclusive environment. Meaningful relationships are established between the shadow teacher, child and parents which forms an essential requisite for success.

The shadow teacher assists the child with the curriculum, develops strategies to meet and enhance the child’s learning abilities, instils confidence in the child by recognizing good work, helps the child to be prepared and organized, fosters independence and encourages learning. In short, try and make the special needs child mainstream ready by simplifying the lessons for the special child by preparing the appropriate instructional material and more. To coach, guide and teach the child in class, and increase their learning efficiency, to make them socially active to enable them to merge with other children.Alternate education has come as a boon to parents who have special needs children. It is the care, love and responsibility that people feel for these differently abled tots that such concepts are emerging and going great.  It is good to know that the children will thrive in the company of the special educators and make their life more fulfilling and happier.