​​​​Ability Enhancement & Special Education Services

Responsibilities of our counsellors:

  1.  Recognize the needs of the child and the parents
  2. ​Create solution centered Individual Behaviour Plans (IBP) with the help of psychological assessments
  3. ​Plan and discuss short term and long term goals with the parents and the child
  4. ​Make the child capable of understanding feelings and emotions
  5. ​Apply relevant therapeutic techniques
  6. ​Monitor child’s progress and provide constant review and feedback to the parents
  7. ​​Build a network of and liaise with other concerned professionals and parents

Child Counselling

Our intent is to be your child’s friend and guide. In addition to facilitating academic and intellectual growth, we also provide special education counselling which will go a long way in diminishing your child’s frustrations by improving his or her ability to function in social, emotional, and behavioural capacities. Blessed Angels counselling services are designed to help your child resolve any personal or psychological problems they face and achieve their highest potential in the areas of academics, personal, social growth, and career development. By forming a trusted relationship with your child, we identify his/her strengths and areas of conflicts. This leads to identifying solutions to combat inherent problems and work systematically towards development. In order to make your child comfortable, we also offer home counselling services.

Blessed Angels 

Counselling Parents

Blessed Angels counsellors work extensively with parents of children with special learning needs.  Our parent counselling sessions involve giving parents and guardians, insight into the effective strategies and tools required for improving their child’s functioning. These counselling sessions help parents to improve their ability to meet their child’s needs at home and their surroundings. Our special education counsellors encourage the parents to interact with other parents and organisations where they can get and offer suggestions, raise questions or concerns which goes a long way in improving their child’s growth and development. 


Counselling Teenagers

Understanding and addressing the emotional needs of teenagers with special needs, Blessed Angels offers therapeutic counselling services designed to address personal emotional crises such as anxiety and mood disorders in your teenager, difficulties in adjusting to new or unexpected situations; conflicts in interpersonal relationships with parents, teachers, siblings, or peers and community in general. Assessing your teenager’s abilities and needs, our experts collaboratively assist them to develop a self-transition plan which not only includes learning, but also enhance their health, emotional and social adjustments, which ultimately aids them in becoming confident and productive. Our counselling strategies also involve appropriate social and emotional goals for their future, both personal and professional.