Blessed Angels​​ 

What our Teachers do 

  1. ​Identify the type of disability and work with their IEPs (Individualized Education Program) accordingly.

  2. ​Introduce various intervention strategies that need to be implemented in order to help the child deal with his/her shortcomings.

  3. ​Brainstorm and make suggestions for instructional modifications, offer support, and discuss screenings.

  4. ​Prepare the child to create his/her own learning strategies.  This process helps in making your child think and strategise.

  5. ​Implement various reading and writing interventions and fun activities to help your child come out of reading difficulties or word identification problems.

  6. ​Update Parents daily about child’s progress through emails and conversations.

Learning Disabilities

At Blessed Angels, we work together to identify your Child’s learning strengths and needs, implement strategies, and evaluate their impact so that the child can succeed in the classroom. Our trained teachers are qualified to deal with your child’s learning disabilities, and help them to overcome their day to day learning challenges and struggles.

 ​​​​Ability Enhancement & Special Education Services