​​​​Ability Enhancement & Special Education Services

Blessed Angels 

Skills Developed

  • Functional skills – Daily routine
  • Gross and Fine motor skills – Sensory
  • Language / Vocabulary Development
  • Social and behavioural skills
  • Academics and functional skills

We at Blessed Angels tailor remedial intervention plans to meet a child’s specific need. We make use of techniques like one-to-one instructions, small group instructions, written and verbal work. Remedial Teaching focuses on skills rather than on content. We work with children who might have missed learning foundational skills that are required for learning and assist them to achieve expected competencies in core academics. Our remedial teaching measures include breaking lessons into small steps, helping the child understand, give feedback on a regular basis which helps keep students on track and motivated.  We do all this keeping the child’s school curriculum in mind.

Clearly defined goals and strategies are implemented and customized to each child’s specific needs. Children are involved in individual / group activities which are scheduled as a part of the child’s daily routine. Remedial teaching has been showing great results in small and teenage children, especially between with the age group of 5 to 10 and 11 to 16 years. 

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Responsibilities of our Remedial Teachers: 

  1. ​​Recognize the needs of the child and the parents
  2. Create solution centered Individual Remedial Plans (IRP) with the help of educational assessments
  3. Understand and chart out the child’s learning modality
  4. Plan and discuss short term and long term goals with the parents and the child
  5. Plan and implement different and suitable remedial measures
  6. Monitor child’s progress and provide constant review and feedback to the parents
  7. Build a network of and liaise with other concerned professionals and parents

Remedial Teaching