Roles and Responsibilities of our shadow teachers start with:

  1. Accompanying your child throughout the school day to provide support and stability
  2. Understanding and reflecting on the need of the child and parent vs the curriculum of the school
  3. Strategize and form relevant support plans for the child as per his or her needs
  4. Help the child understand and display appropriate behaviour in the classroom
  5. Supporting and providing guidance for carrying out daily academic activities at school
  6. Help your child meet the learning benchmarks for their grade
  7. Building meaningful relationships with the parent, teachers and the child for successful learning
  8. Keep the parents apprised about daily activities both in class and at home.
  9. Increase the child’s participation by motivating them to attend workshops and seminars that focus on children with learning differences
  10. Help the child become responsible thus fostering independence and encourage learning
  11. Build a network with between Blessed Angels Team and other parents to enable discussion and sharing

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Shadow Teaching

Shadow Teaching is a progressive form of assistance that acts as a resource for your child, the school and parent's. Depending on the special learning assistance needed, Blessed Angels curriculum uses teaching methods that include individualized instructions, problem-solving assignments, and small group work. Our teachers are qualified and trained professionals who will assist your child with adjustment and understanding difficulties. Our Shadow Teachers support your child at school by filling in the gaps in your child’s learning process, and help the child build self-confidence, as well as to promote positive interaction in the classroom by helping to focus on important concepts, and develop academic and social skills. As most of the child’s time is spent in schools, shadow teacher plays a crucial role in hand-holding and assisting your child through the lessons, teachings, behaviour and social interactions, so they can keep up with their school counterparts.

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