Blessed Angels 

Responsibilities of our special educator: ​

  1. Recognize the needs of the child and the parents
  2. Create solution centered Individual Education Plans (IEP) with the help of educational assessments
  3. Understand and chart out the child’s learning modality
  4. Plan and discuss short term and long term goals with the parents and the child
  5. Plan and implement different learning aids to enhance academic concepts
  6. Monitor child’s progress and provide constant review and feedback to the parents
  7. Build a network of and liaise with other concerned professionals and parents

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Special education is a highly individualized process.  It is a specially designed teaching technique that addresses the unique needs of a child eligible to receive special education services. There is a wide range of options that vary at different levels of support. At Blessed Angels, we offer children the opportunity to gain specialist training and research experience with diverse populations across the life span. We have special educators who are well trained and certified in dealing with the academic needs of your child’s overall development. Understanding your child’s learning style, our special educators include and use these modalities as a teaching tool thereby helping children with learning issues overcome the diverse demands of a set curriculum.

Special Education

Our endeavour is to help every child understand that he or she can experience great success amid transitions and the other chaos the world presents them with. We will ponder on the best ways to teach your children who have such different challenges and opportunities as we gradually get to know more about them.

 ​​​​Ability Enhancement & Special Education Services