​​​​Ability Enhancement & Special Education Services

Why choose us?  

  • ​​A team of dedicated teachers and counsellors specialized in their areas of work
  • ​Tailor-made curriculum to suit your child’s needs
  • ​Constant review and feedback to parents at regular intervals
  • ​Counselling sessions specially designed for parents
  • ​Counselling sessions specially designed for Adolescents and Teenagers​
  • Appropriate reinforcements and rewards to our children to enable stimulation
  • ​​Parental involvement in their child’s learning and growth
  • Accurate records of interactions with children and parents
  • A holistic and positive learning environment for your child to thrive in and feel special
  • Staying up-to-date with current special education best practices, current trends and regulations
  • ​​Making a positive difference in your child's life

Blessed Angels